William “Will” Mason

Brief info

Moving to California created new opportunities for exploration. From the mountains to the desert, William has hiked countless miles and learned much about the living world around him.

He soon realized that sharing that love and knowledge of nature with others was equally important. For six years, he worked as an instructor at Ecclesia Classes, a homeschool cooperative. Here he led a hiking class, taking students out on local trails to learn about native species, ecology, survival skills, and trail etiquette. He has applied the same knowledge to teaching students at Healthy Footprints Adventure Community.

Exploring the outdoors and cataloguing the life that inhabits it is William’s primary pastime. However, he is also deeply interested in the world of story and literature, and enjoys writing in his free time.

Now working at HAWKs, he is thrilled and grateful to have the opportunity to inspire the love of nature in every student he meets. His hope is that from that love will come greater knowledge, and a sense of responsibility and deep care for the living world we all inhabit.