Ciera Sterling

Brief info

Cierra (she/her) received her degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara and is now home in LA, excited to teach kids about the local ecosystems she so loves!

Before she transferred to UCSB, she worked as a head volunteer for College of the Canyon's Biodiversity Initiative, leading the maintenance at the Native Demonstration Garden. She found serenity in observing and learning about the native wildlife and plants on her hikes in the valley. During her time at UCSB, she honed in on her interests in sustainable agriculture and improving the food system. She also helped to propose a more environmentally and socially friendly alternative housing plan to the proposed mega-dorm, Munger Hall.

In her free time, Cierra loves to spend time with her family, sew, and watch old movies.

She is delighted to now be working with HAWKs and cultivating younger generations' personal connection to nature and community.