Carmela Tornek

Brief info

As a native Angeleno, Carmela (she/her) has spent her life exploring Los Angeles' natural beauty. After years of teaching in a traditional classroom she is excited to help make our local trails and parks a classroom of their own!

Carmela has been an educator at her local synagogue for the past eight years, teaching children ages three to thirteen years old. She has always made being active and exploring the outdoors an integral part of her teaching methods, whether it be conducting a full class at Eaton Canyon or leading little ones in alphabet yoga. She also has experience as a birth doula and as a full time nanny.

In her free time, Carmela can be found hiking, cooking, reading, running, surfing, and drawing (usually not all at once.) Her intention as an educator is to nurture the seeds of creativity, independence, curiosity, and responsibility within younger generations for our natural environment and each other.